How To Join

Teams form at different times of the year. Jr FLL teams (K-3) form in late summer with spots filled on a first come, first serve basis. The rest of the teams (FLL, VEX and FTC) form throughout the late spring and early summer. 4th-12th grade teams open positions are filled through a tryout process to help us place students together who would form the most cohesive teams. All communication about team formations will be via email and is based off information submitted through our wait list form. If you are interested in joining one of the teams listed below, please fill out the following form: Kalamazoo Robotics Signups.

If you need help or more information please email us at

Our Teams

Grades 1st-3rd ~ Jr FIRST LEGO League (Jr FLL)

Jr FIRST LEGO League is the entry level program for kids ages 6-8. In JrFLL students will research the current years theme and create a poster and LEGO model showing what they have learned. The LEGO model will contain at least one simple machine. JrFLL is a introduction to both basic research skills and science concepts. Season runs September-December.
Team(s): Lego Dudes (#682), Team #2 (Name TBD), Team #3 (Name TBD)

Grades 4th-8th ~ FIRST LEGO League (FLL)
FIRST LEGO League is targeted at middle school students. The three key areas of FLL are robotics, research and leadership. Each team will design, build and program a 100% autonomous robot using LEGO Mindstorms to compete on a 4′ x 8′ field. Students will also research the current years theme, select a real world problem and create a prototype solution. In FLL students will learn programming, basic engineering concepts, research and leadership skills. Season runs June-December.
Team(s): Blue Cheesy Flamingos (#79),  Aqua Alien Pumpkins (#80)Sea-Green Classy Octopi (#15609)

Grades 8th-12th ~ FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)
FIRST Tech Challenge is targeted at upper middle school and lower high school. Students will use a Tetrix kit (similar to an erector set) to build and program a 18″ robot. Teams will compete in two team alliances on a 12′ x 12′ playing field. Students at this level will learn more engineering concepts, programming, CAD, community outreach and leadership skills. Season runs June-December.
Team(s): Release the Kraken! (#8512), KRageous Katerpillars – Team A (Moving to VEX), KRageous Katerpillars – Team B (Moving to VEX)

Grades 9th-12th ~ FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)
FIRST Robotics Competition is the capstone competition of FIRST. Students will build a full scale robot to compete in three team alliances. Students will also be responsible for the day to day running of a team. Students at this level will learn advanced engineering and programming concepts, business and project management and begin to build a network in the engineering community. Season runs January-April.
Partnered Team(s):  ID Robotics (#4482), Robotic Rams (#5623)